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Gears We Never Use

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle,
we all have gears we never use"

— Charles M. Schulz


In February 2015 Gary Taylor, from Ipswich, set off to cycle around the world for charity. Keep up to date via this website and through the channels below!

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Melons Or Die

I bit the bullet back in Indonesia, accepting that I would be unable to complete the trip comfortably on the savings I had at my disposal. If I HAD have made it around the entire globe on my stash of British Pounds, I'd have returned penniless. What with the malicious systematic demolition of the benefits system in the United Kingdom, I would probably have been left to starve in the street by Mr Cameron and his Eton chums whilst they sniffed coke and had sex with pigs. The decision to work in Australia on a working holiday visa was pretty obvious really, its a good opportunity to travel and make...

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Ring Of Fire

Ann thumping relentlessly on my door at 2am was not my preferred beginning to my birthday, but I could tell pretty quickly that it was probably somewhat serious, what with the thick smoke already leaking into my tiny cabin. Begrudgingly I opened my door to see my German neighbour attempting to wake everyone in our block with the news that we were probably about to have to evacuate the farm. At this point information was pretty thin and a short-lived debate about whether to stay or go developed. We decided it best to start loading at least our valuables into the cars and figuring out how many of...

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